Employment Opportunities

The Valley Club offers competitive wages and benefits
in the following departments:

Food and Beverage Operations (servers, bussers, hostesses, bartenders)
Amanda Seaward, amanda@thevalleyclub.org, 208-788-5400 x10

Clubhouse Maintenance (housekeepers, building maintenance)
Alan Tritt, alan@thevalleyclub.org, 208-788-5400 x27

Golf Course Maintenance 
Jerry Flaherty, jerry@thevalleyclub.org, 208-788-5910
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Kitchen (line cooks, prep cooks, snack bar)
Aaron Marshall, aaron@thevalleyclub.org, 208-788-5400 x16

Golf Shop Operations (professionals, retail sales, bag staff, rangers, starters)
Jaime Sharp, jaime@thevalleyclub.org, 208-788-1441

Fitness Center 
Stephanie Johnson, stephanie@thevalleyclub.org, 208-788-8826

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